Music can change your mood, paint your experiences, and color your memories. CHIEF LOUD: LYRICAL CHIEFS Mixtape Vol. 01 believes that the right music can have a powerful influence, and since its establishment in 2015, has understood that music means different things to different people. They built their business on that exact premise, with the goal of supporting musical talent the world would never forget. Their ability to get the very best from every artist should give you ample reason to get in touch.


CHIEF LOUD is a branded label that represents the truth, the facts, and the lifestyles of responsible usage.  We've teamed up with producer Mista Kingz of Miami, FL, and Radio Personality/DJ Mike Nyce from 88.9 FM the Hip Hop Chronicles to produce CHIEF LOUD LYRICAL CHIEFS MIXTAPE VOL. I. 

This mixtape delivers the best in hip hop music, R&B/Soul, and interviews both in HIP HOP and the Cannabis Culture. We provide our CHIEFERS worldwide with sharp lyrical content and interviews In support of Hip Hop Culture via CHIEF LOUD LYRICAL CHIEFS MIXTAPE.   


CHIEF LOUD: LYRICAL CHIEFS MIXTAPE is a humble project to empower artists who are seeking unique platforms to establish and sustain themselves within the HIP HOP Culture.  This is a collaborative effort to share the talents of independent artists to expand their reach and visibility in support of their music career.  

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